Apply for DResSUP 2018! (July 9 - August 17)

Submission deadline: Applicants who apply by June 1 will be notified by June 8. Applications will be accepted through June 15 on a rolling basis if space is available.

Applications should be submitted as one file with 3 sections, including a personal summary, CV, and project description. The personal summary should include your name, department, degree type, expected degree completion date, address, email, and project title. The project description should be no more than 3 pages and include:

  • Overall research question and brief explanation of its relevance
  • Scholarly goals and objectives for the summer project
  • Materials/sources that will form the basis of the project
  • If digitization is required, describe the source materials, desired output format, digitization process
  • Project deliverables (conference paper, journal article, website, etc. - Note: dissertations should not be submitted as deliverables)
  • Anticipated digital scholarship tools and methods
  • Brief evaluation of applicable technical skills, including areas where more support is needed
  • Schedule/timeline for your project
  • Project budget with funding needs and other sources of support if available

Please email applications to Zoe Borovsky at

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