Summer 2017 Participants

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Bernard Koch

Sociology Phd student

Bernard is a second-year sociology student with a background in evolutionary biology and bioinformatics. He is interested in the sociology of science, culture, and social science genomics.

Chelsey Smith

Spanish and Portuguese PhD. Student

Chelsey is a PhD student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese interested in social justice, particularly in Mexican and Chicanx contexts.

Natalie Santizo

Ph.D student in the Chicana/o Studies

Natalie explores the relationship between identity, race, and ethnicity through a food studies lens. Natalie is particularly interested in analyzing the role of food spaces and pathways in developing conceptions of identity, race and ethnicity in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California.

Oscar J. Mayorga

Ph.D.student in Sociology

Oscar J. Mayorga was born in Nicaragua and raised in Miami FL. He has worked in various capacities in higher education institutions for the last 15 years in the Northeast, where he was the Director of a Cross-Cultural Center and Chief Diversity Officer.

Terry Allen

Ph.D. student in Urban Schooling

Originally from San Francisco Bay Area, Terry has two lines of research. The first line of research concerns the historical origins of racial and gender inequality in the juvenile justice and education systems in the United States, and the second involves stereotypicality and the experiences of Black girls in discipline contexts.