Kenny Wong

Masters Student in Architecture and Urban & Regional Planning


Kenny is a fourth year Masters student at UCLA pursuing concurrent degrees in Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning. Previously he lived in Oakland, CA, designing high-density multifamily housing projects around the San Francisco Bay Area. His love for cities drives an interest in planning for equitable community development and affordable housing to keep people in them.

Project Description

The 21st Century School-House As the housing crisis in California deepens, many jurisdictions are finding it increasingly necessary to leverage public resources as much as possible to provide social goods like affordable housing. In a nearly built-out city like Los Angeles that has high land and housing costs, publicly-owned land is one such resource that can make the equation work for affordable housing development. With over 6,400 acres of holdings—an area greater than the city of Santa Monica—the Los Angeles Unified School District is one of the county’s largest landowners that can bring much to the table.